Thursday, 30 December 2010

Derby park - famous

With all the news raging about Derby park, our friends at Sidewalk mag have popped it in the news section. Since this was sent to print Derby park has been agreed so we are super stoked for all the help and support of all you lot.

Thanks again friends

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Planning permission granted

Crack open that champagne, planning permission for the Derby Skatepark has been granted! We're so psyched, 3 years of work has finally come to fruition, and we can wait to get all the build shots on here as it happens.

By Summer we'll be riding it feeling the warm sun on our faces... just got to get through this winter! Stoked with the design too, thanks to Freestyle.

You can visit the Council's official report of the meeting here (it's item number 4) and the outcome will also be posted on the Council's website here too.

Thanks for supporting, filling forms, posting on FB and just being part of it. Thanks to you rad dudes Derby is getting a wicked park.



Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Decision time

It's decision day tomorrow for the Council and the teams who will give us planning permission for the Derby Skatepark. We hope we get it, the figures don't lie.

There's a little article on it here on the Derby Evening Telegraph website, check it out.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Derby Skatepark in the Telegraph

The Derby Evening Telegraph have today published a half page feature on the new Derby Skatepark!

The project is still in the planning stages and we should find out the decision by the end of next month. This article should aid the support for this park and Planning Permission, but we still need to combat those negative vibes, so show your support by filling in the form at the Derby City Council website here >

Read the Derby Evening Telegraph article here >

Friday, 19 November 2010

Looking good: 453 of you said yes!

It's looking good so far, we have 453 people supporting the skatepark project, and no-one opposing it according to the Derby City Council's website.

If you've not done so already, fill in this form quickly and ensure our new Derby skatepark gets built!

Cheers to all of you who filled it in, and double thanks to all of you who filled it in and encouraged others to too.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Vote YES to the Derby skatepark

It's here.

The skatepark feedback has been fed back, and we have a new amazing park design. Have a look, it's going to be amazing. It's got everything, and more. Start fantasising about those infinite lines and bangers now, and by the time this thing opens in April 2011, we'll be ready.


It's going to planning, and it needs a lot of support - via this council form you fill in ONLINE.

This is what it looks like

You need to fill it in, your friends need to fill it in, your parents, brothers & sisters, girlfriends & boyfriends and even your cat. Fill it in online. Do it now.
You can also view the full spec page of the project on the Council's website here, very interesting read.

There may be opposition to this and we need to make sure we have a load of support to counteract any criticism.

Woot the skatepark is coming, thanks for all the help everyone, pat on the back for every single person who has helped make this happen.

Spread the word!

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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Feeding back the feedback

So, we had a meeting tonight to discuss the findings of the feedback from the consultation. We prepared a document to present our thoughts on what definitely needs changing, what could be changed and what should definitely stay.

With a group of BMXers, Daz and Rob from Rollersnakes, the Council and us Hooked reps, we briefed John from Freestyle as to what needs to be done.

Got our heads around it

Marked it up

It will be reformed into a new park

Keeping some, and changing some

Freestyle will come back to us with a new layout from what we've all said, hoped for, wanted and hated. The good bits are in, with new good bits, and the bad bits are out.
It's going to be sick...

We'll keep you posted.

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Friday, 24 September 2010

Analyse this

We've been busy sifting through the report of skatepark feedback that you've given us. We had a copy of every sheet and every scribble that came back from the consultation. This, compiled with all of the information we've received in other forms, will help to craft our new Derby park into something special.

Got the green light and the park is coming

We zipped over to this new place to do business

Looking through the report of consultation and background of the project that the Council have put together for us

Some good statistics of the people who came to have their say

Becca analyses the scribblings

Data is recorded

Some great ideas logged from the consultation

Keep some, change some

We got a report on the feedback from you lot

Case closed, until the next meeting and visual... thanks for the input, we'll all make sure it's right, and we'll all see a visual after Freestyle have met with the Council, Rollersnakes and Hooked to feed back. Can't wait!

Keep you posted.

Friday, 17 September 2010

You Derby lot are famous

The Derby Evening Telegraph has posted up the article on their site... check it out and add some positive comments, don't let the haters get away with it!

-------Article ---------

A SKATEBOARDING park in Derby city centre could deter anti-social behaviour and attract skaters from across the region, say planners.
A design workshop showcasing the planned park was held at Rollersnakes skating shop, in Mansfield Road, where scores of skateboarders and BMX enthusiasts gave their opinions.
The £200,000 skate park would be on Bass's Recreation Ground and would allow activities like skateboarding, rollerblading and BMX.
Darren Pearcy, team manager at the shop, said people currently have to travel outside Derby to use a skateboarding park.

He said: "We've got a growing BMX and skating scene in the city and a lot of people have to travel around to use good skate parks.
"There isn't a central location where people can socialise.
"But a skate park on Bass's Rec means it is central to everyone in Derby. It will be near the bus station and the train station so people can travel from outside the city to use the facility."
Rob Johnson, who also works at Rollersnakes, said that, instead of attracting anti-social behaviour, a skate park would deter it.
"Most cities in the country have one and they are very popular with young people," he said.
"It would deter anti-social behaviour because, for skaters, their main focus is to enjoy their hobby and to encourage each other.
"And if it is on the Bass's Rec, then it is an open area, meaning it won't attract the wrong people."
Becca Hall, a manager at local skating organisation Hooked, which is working on the plans with Derby City Council, said the plans had been almost three years in the making.
She said: "Derby is crying out for a skate park. This will be one so good that it won't just attract people from the city but from across the region.
"This means more tourism and more business for local hotels."
Tom Ball, 21, of Allestree, said he and his friends currently travel as far as Yorkshire to visit skate parks.
"There aren't that many amazing skate parks in Derby, so we go out to Sheffield, Leeds and Chesterfield to use ones there," he said.
"This one would be more accessible and it would definitely get used a lot."
Tom Wynne, 19, of Littleover, viewed the plans with friend Dan Brown, 20, of Findern.
"It's good for skaters to be recognised as a group and to be allowed to give input into the plans," said Tom.
Consultation is being undertaken over the next few weeks, with the intention of submitting the project for planning permission next month.
If planning permission is granted, then construction is due to start in December 2011.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Derby skatepark project: Consultation episode 1

The first design workshop happened at Quad today, with the Council, Rollersnakes and Hooked - as well as one of the design team from Freestyle to discuss the designs with the people.

Well the initial concepts were revealed to everyone, and we had some great thoughts and feedback. If you couldn't make it, here's what was discussed.

Scheme initial concept 1

Scheme initial concept 2

Everyone has looked over the concepts, filled out a form with their ideas / comments / criticism / scribbles. If you've not had a say, don't forget there's another session on Wednesday 15th of September at Rollersnakes. 5pm - 8pm.

Loads of the skate crew gave their thoughts

Really busting out the ideas... over tea

The BMXers had some ideas

Sizing it up to scale

This part is rad

Discussions over sandwich

Steve from Freestyle chats through some build options with visuals

Checking out the concepts

Cut and paste ideas

Rob from Rollersnakes gets his ideas across

There were too many thoughts and ideas going round to chat about here, but once Wednesday's session is over, Freestyle will collate all the feedback and see what elements and ideas we're dealing with, and how they can be incorporated to get us the best park around. It's hard to please all user groups, as we all have different size wheels.

One thing to note is that the quality of Freestyle's finish came under question, and they'll be putting down a sample to check we're all happy with it. We don't want it to be too smooth like Chesterfield and Steve from Freestyle is more than happy to ensure we get a finish we're absolutely stoked on.

Keep your eyes peeled - remember your thoughts count, so get them heard by coming on wednesday to consultation number 2.

Cheers to everyone who came today.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Consultation reminder

Here's the details for the design workshop. We'll be seeing the design for the park and having our say on what we can improve / add / take away. The designers and contractors will be there to run the workshop, and also Hooked and Rollersnakes to ensure it's a slick and professional process, with everyone's feedback being recorded.

So remember:

Saturday 11th of September - The Quad in Derby City Centre, 10am - 2pm

Wednesday 15th of September - Rollersnakes Store, 5pm - 8pm

The Council's tweaked our poster a bit... you can see the original one below that we did.
I think they made up their own identity for the project... nevermind.

Our poster

Be there, have your day!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Skatepark Designs have landed!

So the designs from the companies that submitted an interest in building Derby's Skatepark are in.
They've thrown together some really awesome ideas. What happens now, is the best of the bunch will be available for your comment.

Get yourself to one of the consultation sessions held at QUAD or Rollersnakes to have your opinion heard.

Stay close to this blog for updates!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

It's on

We had a meeting tonight with the Council members who are managing the project. We mainly discussed how the project will pan out (tight deadlines) and how we'll be skating a Derby City skatepark this time next year.

The Council trust that between Hooked and Rollersnakes the most successful park will be built, and the best consultation with everyone concerned will happen. We're going to have a good park.

The expressions of interest have come back in and the Council are eliminating some skatepark contractors through varied criteria and our recommendations. It will then be a pitch for the remaining contractors to get us a design that fits our brief.

Then we'll be holding consultations to see what we want from the park and how we integrate everyone's ideas - this will be around September time.

Then after much working out and redesigning, the build will start after Christmas.

Jingle Bells, what a Christmas pressy for Derby.

If anyone wants any more information - drop us an email to

We'll keep you posted!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Get your tenders in

The council are encouraging contractors to get their tenders in. If you are a skatepark developed, get in touch with Derby City Council, or if you have an idea for someone who would do a great job on Derby's first major skatepark, let them know.

See the press release here

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

It's on, 200K is the number

You might have seen the article in the local papers and the internet, and it's definitely happening.

Have a look at the article here.

There's no need to worry as Hooked and Rollersnakes will be involved in the whole process - you Derby skaters will be the client, Hooked and Rollersnakes will just ensure that the consultation and design process goes according to plan.

Initially after the bid for £1m was thrown out, we weren't sure whether to look for more funding, but as the money we've bagged already has to be spent by a certain date - we'll be using that only. Parks such as Mansfield were built with less than £200k so we're confident we're going to have a great park.

Get thinking about what we're going to have in it!