Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ryan Kearney drops bangers over the gap

This month Hooked lurker Ryan Kearney drops 5 bangers on the Sabbath... a day late due to Bank Holiday happenings... it all went down at our new Derby Skatepark, over the flatbank to flat, have a look.

Now watch the video for the action... and subscribe to the Hooked YouTube channel for more.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Derby Skatepark opening full edit

Chevy the Derby filmaker has done a great overview edit of the comp, prizewinners, comp runs and lots of other niblets. have a look!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Derby Skatepark: Prepare for phase 2

Derby Skatepark is a huge success, but we could still improve it. The original planning permission still stands, so if we we can secure the funding for the extra set of jump ramps and bowl extension then it's straight forward to get it.

Start, by filling in this form to give your feedback on the park:


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Derby skatepark opening edit

Here is a little edit we did of the clips from the demo on the day, featuring Craig Smedley, Kelly Dawson, Nick Roberts, Martyn Hill and Ryan Kearney. Some gnarly stuff went down that's FO SHO.

Now watch the edit!

Derby Skatepark Opening Jam - in pictures

The Derby Skatepark Opening Jam was an epic day of demos, comps and goody bags. Here's the happenings in pictures.

Someone had sprayed loads of rubbish all over the nice clean park in time for the day

So we cleaned up, Will hit the brush

Daz hit the brush

Hitting some pegs too

We got the tent up - Chuckle Brothers style

Rob was living the dream

Daz's technician was organising his desk

Filling up a bit


The dudes are signing up for goody bags and comps

Then the Sherif Mayor came to cut the ribbon and officially open the park



Crowds gathered to hear

Chop the ribbon

Under 16 street comp winners, Cieran (2nd) , Lewis (1st) and Josh (3rd)

Getting busier all day

Long time Hooked friend Phil was security on the door

Analysing results with Fraser and Milner

Full up

Chairs for the judges

The place was teeming

Over 16 comp, Scottish Ben noseblunts the rail, with Mr Whippy in the background

Over 16 Street comp winners Gaucher (3rd), George Worthington (1st) and Scottish Ben (2nd)

Then this dude ChunkyBeats dropped some beatboxing... awesome

Leech was lizard licking his lolly

A crazed fan ran on he ramp


Daz bs feeble

Facial steez

BMXers were smashing it too

Full on sun + people


Handplant by Fraser

Lewis Mottishaw ollies

Gaucher goes big

Will Begg melon

Chris Popp feeble

Aidan Stewart rinses the bowl

Tom Ball goes wild

Gaucher gets a new Facebook profile pic


Aidan and Heathen's Nick Roberts

Bowl jam winners Gaucher (3rd), Tom Ball (2nd) and Aidan Stewart (1st)

Wild boys

Best trick over earthquake was gnarly... Matt wore a headband

George bs bigflip

'The Chocolate man' tré

Eden tre flips

Matt boneless

Tom Ball bs flip

Purple trousers steez dude hardflip reverts... crip

The Chocolate man smashed it and won a signed deck

Blue Steel Beggy

Ash, Kearney and Chev discuss general lurkings

Is that Matt Murney or Bruce Springsteen

The BMX dudes announced the winners of the BMX jams and comps, and we all chilled out. Some grey clouds came and we all ran away at the end of the day, just in time.

Thanks to everyone who helped organise an awesome event and all you who came and took part. See you next year for the Derby jam! Special thanks to Derby City Council, Rollersnakes,Hooked and Mode.

Edit of the footage on the way. Cheers everyone.