Friday, 22 April 2011

With just over a month until the finish date, the park is looking better by the day.

The initial view from the pavement shows some rails, the polejam and even the hip

Intro quarter with the driveway rail

The earthquake gap is taking shape with the bank next to it

The block is added to the top area

Rooftop shape grind box looks good

First glance of the hubba

Overall view

Hubba... who's going to grind up it?

The block at the side of the bowl looks epic

The bowl in it's glory, the base is added

From the other side look back over at the hubba

And the open end of the bowl

Hubba, looks like a great angle


It's getting close to completion, but if you see anyone climbing the fence to ride it please discourage them as it's potentially dangerous and also could wreck parts of the construction that may not be able to be replaced due to £££. Look after the park!

Can't wait until open day!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Skatepark development update

Update shots on the growth of Derby's new skatepark. Looks awesome.

Banks being developed

Driveway form


Driveway side angle with space for earthquake gap

Banks to bowl

Banks to bowl

Bowl top surface

Bowl surface with coping


The driveway with the banks on the edge will be epic!

Go and check it out, but don't disrespect the site... if you see someone messing about or pushing over barriers... protect the park!
Another update soon.