Friday, 29 June 2012

New Hooked website & blog

As times change, so does the functionality and need of our web presence roll in a different direction. The site has had a full makeover, and not just in the front end. This very blog will also be fully integrated so please updated your links... no need to come here - come straight to the site for fix of 6 Tricks, Monthly Edits, Interviews and other spot secrets and lurkings.

Have a look:

Visually different and more functional - searchable and connected with our FB / YouTube and other networking sites

Individual team pages, get to know us - including video parts

The blog is there

Features are all in one place too - Interviews, New Concrete and Talking Shop

Full video archive

and full Yo, Gimme Dat - the Hooked video in full and separate parts

Tip your hat to the old site on your way out of this blog and onto the new site + blog!